An awesome girl

My friend Hope is one of the most extraordinary I’ve ever met. She is always along for a ride of crazy but yet she’s so quiet (well not when you get to know her). We’ve had quite the history. She is an AMAZING artist who can draw like Van Gogh.  She mostly specializes in animals. My friend Hope is also quite the gamer I think she mastered minecraft, black ops, and battle field 4. But what I particularly enjoy about this girl is her love of animals it’s amazingly insane how much she plays with her dog. I know you’re probably asking why I would write about this girl. But this crafty lady is like no other. She didn’t wear her heart on her sleeve she doesn’t cAre about being the most popular girl. Hope is a good friend who has her walls up and that is why I admire her so much if I had that much self control I think I would’ve turned out better. This girl has inspired me to stick to what I’m doing and never back down. #queenofcompliments


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