Eyebrows the difference

So this is about eyebrow and what they do. The first kind is penciled eyebrows if you do them well usually you will get a normal response to a normal conversation, but if have a wacky color, to dark or to light, or drawn on bad you’ll probably get a response like uhh what did you say? Or uhh huh (awkward upward stare). The second kind is thin or light colored eyebrows this kind is really simple, you’ll just get a questionable stare and the person will search for your eyebrows. The third kind of eyebrow is the bushy dark eyebrow, people will literally wince and it didn’t go over well. Now the last eyebrow is the perfectly tweezed eyebrows it makes you like 15%more attractive and you will received assuring stares and compliments. So if you have any of theses eyebrow curses go on YouTube and search how to wax of tweeze.


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