Just Once

EVERYBODY takes a weird turn in their life or many turns, there are so many great, terrible, scary, encouraging roads to go down. You’re lucky to go down all of them, even if you don’t you sill still have other people’s experiences. You can learn off anything or whatever you choose to learn and love off of. It’s your decision. I want to go down every possible fork in every road even if it means going back a few steps. It’s all how you want to go down or just the life you want to live. I want to look at the world in a fun silly way so I can embrace what all I can and when I’m older I can say I remember, I know this I know that, I’ve done and seen it all. I may be young but I need to start my journey and forget the bad and focus on the good. GO DOWN A PATH. I don’t care if you want to become a writer, dentist, an addict I don’t care as long as you do something g with your life. JUST ONCE take a different step lead with a different foot because however you are choosing to love, your life is beautiful. Go solo or go with someone it can’t be wasted so JUST ONCE take a chance you take the reigns you’ll see where it leads and I guarantee you, you will smile JUST ONCE.


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