Who Defines Make it Your’s

Who defines perfect, normal, weird, “special”,crazy, out of limits. Yeah sure you need to follow the ideal rules and respect authorities(even if you they are wrong). If you think someones perfect okay nothing wrong with that but usually you think of your definition of perfect, what if perfect was wearing no pants and having no mouth or ears, yup weird. But whats weird having good grades, getting all F’s, being perfect but there isn’t a perfect. And what if there is someone with a disorder and you say they’re special alright I guess special could mean someone dear to your heart, or a psycho serial killer “that’s crazy” what, no, crazy is in a mental hospital, jumping off cliffs, terrible ideas, or maybe crazy could make MILLIONS, crazy could kill you, may even make you happy, or out of limits. I don’t think I need to even use an example so many ways you go with that one. So rule of thumb or toes or whatever make it yours. Don’t define things nobody defines anything, I might yeah but there’s other possiblities I could say or mean, people might understand me when I say a guy with a foot growing out of his forehead is perfect but I think you guys should choose what you mean and of coarse what you say. Make it yours.


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