Dark Dishonesty

It welcomes itself through door and slowly comes to me

I’m not scared anymore, but it’s definitely a reality.

A snake like hold against my arms, But all I feel is dark.

Day by day taking tighter hold around me.

Iv’e some accustomed to the way I need to breathe.

It causes harm to my soul.

The memory I will keep.

But all it is, is dark.

As my heart tightens for the blow I need to take.

I step up and it will bite my face.

As I know the feel the pain subsides.

And the snake will never here me cry.

And all I feel is dark.

I feel the snake loosen every tear I swallow.

It’s giving up on me but I know what will follow.

The bigger bite to bare.

It’s so much harder to take.

So grin and bare it and the lies go right through me.

Yes it lost this time. Oh dark dishonesty.


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